Sustainability is something I am constantly worrying about.  Sometimes it seems so big, this big global problem that ‘they’ have to do something about.  On an individual level, the amount of things we should be worrying about can be overwhelming.

Then, quite apart from the unsettling climatic and political events of our time, there is the small problem of ageing.  How am I supposed to sustain myself physically?  And how do I build up the strength I need to live more sustainably through growing, building and making things?

As an artist, I’ve decided to deal with some of this through creative practice.  As an aware and noticing ‘action research’ project, I can record my attempts to make sense of sustainability and the actions I can take on a personal level.  So – the ‘i’ Sustainability project is an attempt to investigate and record my actions as an individual towards a big collective responsibility.


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