Frost hardy chicory

In my last post I wrote about chicory.  This led to some discussion with SilverBells as to its winter hardiness in the UK.  Since then, we’ve had a hard frost followed by a day of sunshine.  I took these photos following that frost.

Red ribbed dandelion Chicory

This is red ribbed dandelion, a type of cultivated chicory.  These plants came from a bag of mixed Italian salad seeds.  I ate the other salads, but pricked out these seedlings and grew them on.

Wild Chicory in December

And this is one of the Wild Chicory plants, thriving despite the low temperatures. 

So far, these plants are looking pretty Winter hardy. 

By the way, you can eat dandelion leaves in the same way as chicory, just soaking in salt water and then boiling for a few minutes.  Good old dandelions.


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