Sunshine bloggers

I was touched to be mentioned in SkyeEnt’s Sunshine Blogs post .  SkyeEnt writes a fascinating blog about land that she manages on Skye in Northern Scotland, taking a forest gardening permaculture approach.  She has recently been visiting other permaculture forest gardens, and generously shares her experiences of these.

The Sunshine Bloggers award is a way of recognising the contributions of other bloggers, and involves answering questions that the nominator poses.  For health reasons (a whole other story which I write about here), I can’t spend very long at a time reading or writing.  So I simply want to say thank you to SkyeEnt for the nomination, and in the spirit of the award, to mention a couple of other blogs that I enjoy reading, namely:

Helen at Growing out of Chaos

Nancy at Humane Gardener

Anni at  Annis Perennial Veggies

There are many others, but these (as well as SkyeEnt’s blog mentioned above) are probably my most frequently visited.  You’ve quite likely seen them yourself already, but if not, take a look and see what you think.


1 thought on “Sunshine bloggers

  1. I hadn’t come across Nancy’s humame gardener ‘blog. Some interesting ideas about ground cover – I must go back and browse some more! I guess that’s the useful side of these chain awards: to raise interest in ‘blogs you may otherwise not have found.

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